About us
When paper and origami become a passion with a touch of paint.
The meaning of the word ‘stjernestunder’ is ‘sparkling moments’. We are a small Danish family business who fold all our products by hand and have done so since 2002.
We fold stars, hearts, baskets, prisms, freestyles and cones in many variations of paper, plastics and fabrics.
We take pride in ensuring that the handmade products are completed with care and attention to detail. We fold and plait like ‘Le Klint’ folds.
We launch a new model annually and search with care for new materials suitable to incorporate into our entire production.

Agency PaperPhine
We are proud to introduce PaperPhine for the wholesales customers in the Nordic countries. Linda Thalmann designs and make by hand the whole Nordic collection. Please take a look at PaperPhine on this  page and enjoy the fantastic paper yarn jewelry colletion.

This website is open for everyone. All products are presented with suggested retail prices and you can find retailers at the store locator. If you wish to carry our products in your shop please go to BtB or contact us.
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Helle Holst Design | Fyrrehøj 3 l DK-2900 Hellerup l Denmark | Phone +45 22 62 94 00             
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