Pleat - origami models - the finest paper designs


Pleat is inspired by the endless possibilities of folding and shaping the paper to the most amazing models. Pleat series consists of many kinds of stars, Harlequin dices almost like the pure diamonds and the latest addition to the series is origami cover vases. In every model we have lavished on detail and used the best of origami craft.


Origami cover vases

Wishing everyone should have the chance to try the delicate origami art, we have designed a brand new model in the Pleat series. We have developed three sizes of cover vase, which can cover a used water bottle, an old jam jar or a small tea light.


All models come in a flat wrapped model pre folded with laser marking. There follows a thorough guide with it on how to fold it up. Origami vases have a closure that makes it easy to pack them away again, and take them out for later use. Recycling at several levels, which has been one of our pillars in the design.

See more pictures of the origami vase and foldin
g process here.

Pleat Harlequin dices - The most beautiful paper diamonds

A unique origami model in the finest light pastel colors. The small is fine on lovely spring branches and the big is beautiful in windows. A fine paper diamond that can be used all year round.


Pleat stars

The star with the beautiful 12 tips are available in white, gray, black, copper and a deep dark red.

The little ones are sold in clear boxes with 3 stars, one each of the three small sizes.

The three large sizes for the windows come in their own box with string for hanging.

Pleat tree toppers has two sizes and are packaged in its own box including spiral.


Pleat for decoration

Origami cover vases, Harlequin cubes and small stars can all be purchased without wrapping, contact us for more information.



Pleats are designed in Denmark and produced in Europe.
Copyright 2013-2015

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